By means of targeted communication, we help to realize the business goals of our international and Hungarian, B2B and B2C customers as well.

Public Relations

Media relations
Establish and cultivate relationships with printed, online, electronic and social media’s, editors, publishers, journalists and bloggers to promote the organization's positive publicity.
Press Office
Press Releases
Press conferences
One-to-one interviews
Influencer Marketing
Thinking about opinion leaders, for example, readers of high readership and addressing them to reach the decision-making target group, increase the reach of the target audience and build them with a credible, direct relationship. We provide media coverage for customer campaigns and branding in mainstream and digital media.
Full creative campaigns
planning and implementation through multiple communication tools and channels: related event organization for consumer/business target groups and the media, providing marketing communication, ATL/advertising and promotional services on demand.
Media training
We advise clients how to communicate with media, how to respond to media inquiries. The training consists of theory and practical part: we describe the specificities of each media type, and then by situational exercises, we prepare the participants for interacting with the media.

Corporate communications

Bringing the client’s key messages to target groups with the most efficient communication strategy and tools. We help ensure that information intended for customers is clear and generates positive attitude for the client.
Branding/employer branding
Designing and implementing unique campaigns to optimize brand awareness and judgment.
Internal communication
We help the organization's leaders communicate with the members of the organization, their internal groups, their and their communication and relationship management with the owners.
Communication related to CSR programs.
Crisis communication
To preserve company’s reputation in times of crisis: we are preparing to handle the communication of the situations and events that cause irregular operation of the organization

Content writing

Both for traditional and social media channels
Press release
Marketing content, paid articles
Preparation of texts and image of corporate marketing materials
Internal and external corporate newsletters
Case studies
Creating Visual Materials
Corporate movies
Vlogger content
Managing Social Media
"Compile" a limited-edition character, textual, imagery, graphic, or other creative presentation with a well-targeted message to enhance the brand awareness and consumer / customer loyalty of our customers.