What characterizes our work

Strategy, consulting, operational work:

we are there to help our clients in all three areas. Based on a jointly agreed plan, we implement the proposed activities, provide advice and background information to decision making.

Client in the focus:

we love new challenges set up by the clients; we resolve these in close cooperation with the them, and customized for the actual tasks. We will be active part of the client’s local or global team.

Straightforward communication, constructive insights, mutual trust:

our relationship with clients and the media is characterized by sincerity and impartiality. In our experience, clients appreciate our views; open and balanced communication is an indispensable part of a long-term successful partnership.

Adhering to deadlines, fast response time:

once a program or idea is agreed with the client we are quick to move towards reaching the goals while keeping maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Credibility, media relations:

we have built a well-established, cordial relationship with journalists, editors, and social media influencers. We keep an eye to exploit every opportunity to position our clients as a specialist in a subject area and achieve quality and targeted press coverage.

Reliability, professionalism, flexibility:

Momentum is recognized as a dedicated, consistent and reliable PR agency. We provide quality, customer-tailored services with problem-solving, energy and enthusiasm as our approach.


we know we work in a 24/7 time-zone world, therefore we are available beyond normal working hours, if necessary, to exploit all media opportunities and collaboration.

The devil is in the details:

we strive for perfection from writing and imagination to event organization and production for all communication devices. Outgoing materials, press releases, posts, etc. are going through multiple checkups.


whether it's a smaller or bigger available budget, we avoid unnecessary spending. Momentum always strives to manage budget efficiently to provide the best return on investment (ROI) for the clients. We can develop mutually beneficial cooperation with subcontractors and media partners.